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A new COSCO initiative to promote health

The success of COSCO's health promotion workshops has led to new steps to ensure their

continued success and expansion to meet the needs of even more seniors. COSCO began the process of

establising a society, separate from COSCO, to fund and promote the workshops, which are presented

free of charge

What started as a rather modest endeavour has developed into a major source of information for seniors

who want to stay well and active. To meet this need, COSCO has established the COSCO Seniors'

Health and Wellness Institute Society as a charitable institution with the ability to issue tax receipts for

income tax purposes

Frequently asked questions

By Sheila Pither, Program Coordinator

What is the Institute

It is an organization that was created in 2010 to take care of the health literacy work that COSCO began

to do in 2007. Over the four years since then eighteen health promotion workshops have been

developed to encourage seniors to focus on preventing accidents and illness, instead of having to

endure pain and suffering

Why have a separate organization?

We needed to be able to seek funding from sources that would be closed to COSCO itself. Many foun

dations give grants only to groups that are designated as charitable organizations with the

accompanying right to issue receipts that are eli gible for income tax deductions. We applied to the

federal government to achieve the necessary designation and were successful in acquiring a tax


So the Institute is funded only by donations and grants?

Right. COSCO dues and donations aren't used to fund the work of the Institute, though until we

founded the Institute grants were given in the name of COSCO and kept in separate account devoted to

health promotion. COSCO is now donating those funds to the Institute as they are required.

How is the health promotion work carried out?

We began in 2007 with one work shop, Falls Prevention. Since then we have gradually added seventeen

more and before the end of 2011 we will be adding a further series of topics. PowerPoint is used to give

the presentation and each participant is provided with a handout to take home. Also, everybody is asked

to plan how they might change their own behaviours and routines to in crease their chances of staying

safe and well. The workshops are avail able free of charge to any group of seniors, anywhere in the

Province. Facilitators who are themselves 55 or older are trained to lead them, thus carrying out

COSCO's motto: Seniors Helping Seniors.

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