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COSCO is cautiously optimistic about the long awaited appointment of the Seniors Advocate and we have high expectations for the position and of Ms MacKenzie.
We welcome the appointment of Isobel MacKenzie as British Columbia's first Seniors Advocate. She will take up her position on March 31st.

While she has considerable experience in the industry, the role of the advocate is clearly beyond the residential care facilities/industry and home care.
We look forward to meeting with Ms MacKenzie and working with her to resolve systemic issues that affect our senior population.
Topics such as home care; affordable, safe seniors housing; affordable medications; transportation and elder abuse are topics on our list. COSCO offers 38 different wellness and prevention of illness workshops ranging from falls prevention to life without driving. These are facilitated by seniors throughout the Province and offered free of charge to any senior's organization that makes a request.
Our motto is "work and plan WITH seniors, not for them". 

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