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Use the online Membership Application Form, or download the print versions below.

Why Join Cosco? 5 Reasons to Join Today!


Established in 1950, the Council of Senior Citizens’ Organization (COSCO) is an umbrella organization made up of many seniors’ organizations and individual associate members.   Registered under the Societies Act since 1981, COSCO has grown and now represents approximately 80,000 seniors in British Columbia.

COSCO is run by volunteers, with activities coordinated through an elected Board of Directors.

Our mandate is to promote the well-being of seniors and their families, advocating for policies that allow seniors to remain active, independent, and fully engaged in the life of our province.   The organization is non-partisan, but politically active, advocating for seniors’ needs no matter who is in power.


Receive pertinent information through the COSCO News and Highlights.


Get up-to-date information about financial and health coverage.


Take advantage of group insurance rates from Johnson with options for home, life, dental, extended health, and travel insurance.


Ensure that we have an organization that speaks with one voice to promote well being of seniors and advocates for seniors.

Application Forms

Printable forms are below. Scroll down for our online application and create your membership account instantly today!

Print Applications

You can download the Individual or Organization Applications below.

For IndividualsFor Organizations
Renewal Forms

You can download the Individual or Organization Renewal forms below.

For IndividualsFor Organizations

Become a Regional Chapter

For Organizations and/or Individuals wishing to inquire about forming a COSCO Regional Chapter, please email to  Membership Secretary, Linda Forsythe using the following form.

Organizational Membership Contact Form

Online Application

To apply for, or renew your COSCO membership, please fill out the form below. If you have previously used this form to apply or renew, please login first and you will be able to edit your application/renewal form.

Looking for a printable version?

If you would prefer to print your application and mail it to us with a cheque, please fill out the form below. Select “Pay by Cheque“. When you do, you will see instructions on how to mail your application and payment to us. Submit the form online and it will be emailed to you. You can print your email and send it with your cheque, or simply write the Application Number you see below on your cheque. Any questions, please contact us!

Membership Renewal Form

General Information

This application is for the following type of membership. *
Is this application New or a Renewal? *
Membership Type
New or Renewal
The number of members your organization represents is very important. The number you enter into this field will determine your membership fees. Fees are based on the table you see to the right. This number will also determine how many voting delegates you may name. These delegates will be invited to Delegate meetings held usually the second Friday of each month except July and August.
Membership Fees:

  • $25 (Less than 50 members)
  • $50 (51 to 100 members)
  • $70 (101 to 150 members)
  • $100 (151 to 250 members)
  • $140 (251 to 500 members)
  • $200 (501 to 1000 members)
  • $300 (1001 to 2500 members)
  • $400 (2501 to 5000 members)
  • $500 (over 5000 members)
Is this the Organization mailing address or a Personal address?
This email address will receive confirmation of membership. You can designate a contact person below and they will be added to our mailing list, but in order to ensure completed membership applications, this address will receive email confirmation.
Select your password for logging into the Members Area of the web site. If you lose your password, click on the Login link and select "Forgot Password" to choose a new one.
Please enter your full web site address according to the example above.

Contact Person

President Information

Treasurer Information


Affiliates are entitled to send delegates to COSCO Council meetings in accordance with the size of their membership as follows:

  • Up to 250 Members (1 Delegate)
  • 251-500 Members (2 Delegates)
  • 501-1000 Members (3 Delegates)
  • 1001-2000 Members (4 Delegates)
  • Over 2000 Members (5 Delegates)

Payment Information

This field is automatically calculated based on your membership number entered above.
Membership Fee (Individual)
Add a donation to your membership fees and pay in a single transaction.

This amount will be charged to your credit card if you have chosen "Credit Card" as your payment method. Please remit this amount on your cheque, if paying using that method.
I would like to pay by

To pay by cheque, please remit to:

Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of BC (COSCO)
Attn: Membership Secretary
Box 81131. Burnaby South, Burnaby, BC
V5H 4K2

You will receive an email copy of this application. At the top of the email is your application number. Please note the application number on your cheque, or print the email and include it in your envelope.

To pay be eTransfer, please send the Total Amount Owing above to:

Please note the application number in your confirmation email in the eTransfer notes. 

First Name
Last Name
Billing Address
Billing Address
Credit Card

Refund Policy Agreement

I have read and agree with the refund policy.

Administration Area

Membership Approved?
Membership Status

Communication Settings


Renewal Approved?

Payment Tracking

Payment Method
Payment Method

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