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Windstorms can happen without much warning. With their short bursts of high-speed winds (known as gusts) and strong sustained winds, windstorms can cause damage to homes.

Follow along with this simple checklist when your home has been damaged by a windstorm:

  • Report downed power lines
    If a windstorm has caused a downed power line and your home has lost power, report the problem immediately to your local power utility or the police. Make sure you stay far away from fallen or dangling power lines.
  • Make your claim
    Contact your home insurance company to begin the claims process for any damage caused. If you are a Johnson Insurance customer, you can get started by calling our 24/7 claims department at 1.800.804.0087 where an adjuster will be assigned to your claim.
  • Prevent further damage
    If your home has been damaged, you should take the necessary steps to prevent further damage as soon as practicable. In fact, with many home insurance policies, you are obligated to make repairs to prevent further damage, such as patching a roof. Here are some methods for preventing further damage caused by water:

    • Move all personal belongings away from the area where water is entering the property
    • Remove excess water using a mop, broom, or pump (be sure not to use  gas-powered pumps indoors or electric pumps anywhere near water)
    • Have a professional place emergency tarps over broken windows or roofs

    A qualified professional can also advise you on what you need to do, such as removing debris (including fallen or broken branches, build up of leaves, etc).

  • Document, document, document
    If your belongings have been damaged, it is recommended to wait to dispose of these items until after you have discussed it with a claims representative. Take photos of the damaged property prior to any repairs, write down supporting information and keep all invoices and receipts in case needed for the claims process. If the item must be discarded (i.e. spoiled food), list and photograph all items to help you in the claims process.If your home has been damaged, making it unliveable and you need to stay in a hotel or temporary housing, keep your receipts so you can share them with the representative assigned to your claim.

To make sure you have the right coverage to protect your home and your family, connect with one of our friendly representatives.

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