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Six of Canada’s leading Seniors/Pensioners Advocacy organizations in support of Bill C-228 have come together once more to highlight our position in advance of the FINA committee hearing taking place next week. I feel that our clear message stated in our attached letter should reach as many advocates as possible, especially you.  It is my intention to reach out and help everyone understand what we are asking for the federal government to commit to and realize the injustices of the status quo in solvency legislation.

As the saying goes, we must do better when we know better.

Our pension protection coalition group has been working tirelessly and has gained momentum by advancing our best resolves together. I hope you will join us in sharing our concerns, shedding light on what is happening and placing long over due responsibility on our federal government to act now.

Please review the document downloadable below, and help us shed light and take action to support Bill C-228.

Download PDF