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Many people find they are taking one, two, three or even 20 different medications daily. Most have been prescribed by doctors. Sometimes a medication is no longer needed for a particular ailment.

Sometimes a smaller dose is best.

Sometimes one medication interacts with another one in a negative way, or cancels out the effects of one of the medications. Today we can get our medications checked by a pharmacist to see how we are doing with them. UBC (University of British Columbia) runs a free Pharmacists Clinic to check on medications.

You can call them to make an in-person appointment or to have a telephone consultation. Their number is 604-827-2584. If you prefer to visit the clinic, call and make an appointment. Their address is Pharmacists Clinic, UBC, Second Floor, 2405 Westbrook Mall, Vancouver.


Also, if your local pharmacist has the time, you could review all your medications with him/her.

Here are some questions to ask the doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about your prescription:

  1. Why am I taking this medication?
  2. What are the potential benefits and harms of this medication?
  3. Can it affect my memory or cause me to fall?
  4. Can I stop or reduce the dose of this medication?
  5. Who do I follow up with and when?

By Linda Forsythe