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We need to improve and expand publicly funded home care and end for-profit long-term care!

Today we launched our Better Care for Seniors Campaign where hundreds of supporters tuned in to hear about evidence-based solutions that could transform Seniors Care. We heard personal stories from seniors, families, and workers that made it clear that we need change.

Now we’re asking you to mail your story and concerns directly to the Minister of Health.

  1. Once you sign up you will receive a free specially designed post card.
  2. Write your personal story or your concerns about seniors care on the post card
  3. Mail it directly to the Minister of Health.

We need a continuum of care that allows seniors to live independently at home for as long as possible and provides person-centered care that supports better quality of life for those living in residential care.

However, over the past twenty years home care has been devalued, with access to publicly funded home care consistently declining in BC since 2001. At the same time, for-profit long-term care companies have been pocketing public funds as profits and degrading the standard of care provided in residential care.

If you are a family member, worker, senior or just a concerned individual: Sign up here to share your story. Once you sign up you will receive a free postcard that you can fill in with your story and mail directly to the Minister of Health.

In Solidarity,
Ayendri Riddell, Campaigner
BC Health Coalition

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