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Rural transit crisis prompts calls for action

VICTORIA, BC- The BC government has taken a promising first step to address the need for a province-wide network of safe, accessible, affordable and sustainable inter-community public transit.

The results are in from three government-funded consultations on the future of rural/inter-community transit (links to the reports at bottom of page).  The consultations were held on Vancouver Island, in the North and in the Southern Interior. While recommendations vary, all three call for immediate improvements to the dysfunctional patchwork of services left by the departure of Greyhound in 2018.  All three reports cite infrequency, unreliability and lack of affordability of current bus services.

Of special interest to Let’s Ride! are calls from the Northern report recommending further “expansion of BC Transit-led regional and inter-regional services” and from the Island report “the need for transformative change in the way transportation is governed in BC.  They (the participants) highlighted the importance of collaboration between multiple layers of government and First Nations. Another common suggestion was for a new governance model for BC Transit whereby one branch would be responsible for inter-community transportation and the other for intra-community transportation.”

Let’s Ride! believes a sustainable BC-Transit run network, aimed at reaching everyone, is the most viable option. Only a publicly-owned and operated system will be responsible to the public. BC Transit already operates in more than 130 communities – we want it to expand to the rest, especially to those smaller and remote communities that have little or no access to transit for medical appointments, for school, for family, for work and more.

Let’s Ride! Make Public Transit BC Wide is an adhoc group of concerned citizens who believe transit is a right. We are advocating for a publicly-owned and operated rural and intercity transit system accessible to all. Please contact us for more information.

Vancouver Island Transit ReportNorthern BC Transit ReportSouthern Interior Transit Report

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