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You are invited to join this campaign from the BC Health Coalition:

Have you seen the latest report from the Office of the Seniors Advocate reviewing long-term care in BC? For-profit long-term care operators are making record profits while under-delivering care hours at alarming rates, and British Columbians – whether residents, family members of residents, or workers in long-term care homes – are paying for it.

Join us on October 31, 2023 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm on Zoom at a BC Health Coalition Campaign Call to hear directly from the BC Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie on her latest report.

British Columbians to mobilize a show of support for funding reform in long-term care. Minister of Health Adrian Dix has said the province is working on a new funding model, but for-profit companies will be lobbying hard to safeguard their publicly funded profits.

You can send a clear message: we support funding reform!

The current model incentivizes operators to spend less money on care hours, food, and maintenance because they get to turn anything they don’t spend into profit. Isobel Mackenzie stressed that “incremental reform is not going to be sufficient here”. One of the Seniors Advocate’s key recommendations is to improve accountability for taxpayer dollars and ensure funding for direct care is spent on care.

Join the BC Health Coalition’s campaign call to find out what you can do to support funding reform in long-term care.

Sign up for the Campaign Call on Zoom on October 31, 2023 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm PST.

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