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Presenting Our 2023-24 Annual Report!
Medication Appropriateness for All Canadians: 
Leading the Way

The Canadian Medication Appropriateness and Deprescribing Network has had a remarkable year! Throughout 2023-2024, we made significant strides toward our goal of improving medication safety across Canada. Through collaborative efforts with patients, clinicians, policymakers, community organizations, and researchers, we’ve brought this critical issue to the forefront, elevating it to a national priority. We’re excited to showcase these achievements in our latest annual report, “Medication Appropriateness for All Canadians: Leading the Way“.

Just one year ago, we received funding from Health Canada with the mandate to advance medication appropriateness in Canada, laying the groundwork for a future Canadian Drug Agency. This financial support not only enabled us to continue but enhanced and expanded our network’s activities. In this report, we document our numerous exciting projects and achievements since April 2023, including:

  • Translating our public awareness resources to nine different languages and hosting medication safety presentations in collaboration with diverse communities (pages 17 to 19)
  • Establishing an Indigenization Working Group to guide us in decolonizing and Indigenizing the network, marking our first significant step towards contributing meaningfully to Reconciliation (page 11)
  • Gathering key stakeholders in Montréal for our 2023 National Meeting and contributing to the development of the Canadian Drug Agency Transition Office’s national strategy for the appropriate use of medications (pages 12 to 15)
  • Equipping educators with essential information to prepare future physicians, pharmacists, and nurses with the competencies and tools necessary to become knowledgeable and confident deprescribers (pages 28 to 32)
  • Conducting research into effective tools and interventions to improve prescribing practices through clinical trials, implementation science, and epidemiological studies (pages 35 to 45)
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