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As Minister of Seniors, I am committed to identifying ways our government can improve the quality of life for older Canadians. This summer, I am travelling across Canada meeting with older Canadians and visiting projects that support them in their communities. I want to hear the concerns and challenges that you are facing.

To start my summer tour, I will be visiting communities in Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, before making my way to British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta in August. I am committed to ensuring that seniors are connected, supported and active members of their communities, which is why I am looking forward to meeting many New Horizons for Seniors Program recipients on this tour. I will also be meeting with various stakeholders, community leaders, my fellow ministers, Members of Parliament, and more to discuss and identify some of the challenges facing older Canadians. This tour is a great opportunity to build relationships and strengthen existing relationships, and I am looking forward to connecting with communities and individuals across the country.

In this edition of my newsletter, you will find information about the increased Old Age Security pension for seniors aged 75 and over, the deadline for submissions to the Age Well at Home calls for proposals, and the most recent travel advisory information.

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Thanks for reading and sharing.

Kamal Khera
Minister of Seniors