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The campaign is organized and funded by a pro-pharmacare coalition comprising the Canadian Health Coalition, the Canadian Labour Congress, and Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The pharmacare ads are running in influential digital and print publications this week, such as The Hill Times, iPolitics, and National Newswatch.

The Liberal government will introduce and pass the Canada Pharmacare Act this fall, advancing a full pharmacare program as promised in the deal with the NDP.

The NDP wants a fully public program integrated with our public health care system as recommended by the so-called Hoskins Report, released in 2019 by former Ontario Health Minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins.

But public health care advocates, including the Canadian Health Coalition, are concerned that the pharmacare bill will fall victim to industry lobbyists who want to weaken its provisions.

“Voters want a universal, comprehensive and public pharmacare program as recommended by the government’s own advisory council,” states the ad. “Half-dose proposals from industry lobbyists won’t address high costs or bring Canadians full and fair coverage. We need the full dose. Let’s get it done.”

We are asking public pharmacare supporters to help spread the message by sharing the ad on Facebook.

You may also wish to send your own message to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Health Minister Mark Holland, and your local MP.