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What’s Happening in November

Fall Prevention Month
Osteoporosis Month
Remembrance Day (November 11)
World Diabetes Day (November 14)
Stomach Cancer Awareness Day (November 30)


COVID-19 Vaccinations

As of October 29, 89.8% (4,163,572) of eligible people 12+ in B.C. have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 85.0% (3,940,563) have received their second dose.

On October 26, the government announced the next steps in the province’s COVID-19 immunization plan, which involved booster shots for the general population. The priority is B.C.’s elderly and most at-risk population, who will receive invitations to book a booster dose between September and December 2021. Beginning in January 2022, the plan expands to include all British Columbians.

Proof of full vaccination is required to access some events, services, and business in British Columbia. This requirement applies to all people born in 2009 or earlier (12+). As of October 26, more than 3.6 million British Columbians have accessed their BC Vaccine Card.

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COVID-19 Update

In B.C., the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemic began in August 2021. On August 23, the provincial government announced that we will not move to Step 4 of B.C.’s reopening plan, making masks mandatory in all indoor spaces once again and directing businesses to continue to keep safety plans in place.

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Long-Term Care update

As of October 27, 2021, there are 21 active COVID-19 outbreaks in long term care and assisted living. There are currently 424 active COVID-19 cases among residents and staff in these care homes.

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Provincial News

Statements from the Provincial Health Officer and Minister of Health

The Provincial Health Officer and the Minister of Health release regular statements that can be accessed on the BC Government News website.

Long-term care worker vaccine mandate now in effect in B.C.

(Daily Hive)

As of October 12, all long-term care workers are required to have at least one COVID-19 dose. Full immunization will be required by October 26.

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Recent Announcements from the B.C. Government Impacting Seniors

Oct 5, 2021 Sixteen affordable rental homes for seniors on Quadra Island
Oct 5, 2021 Province exploring redevelopment for seniors housing complex in Kamloops
Oct 5, 2021 Proof of vaccination for B.C. public service to increase workplace confidence, stop spread
Oct 13, 2021 New homes for seniors, families open in Valemount
Oct 15, 2021 West Coast General Hospital emergency department expansion begins
Oct 18, 2021 Parliamentary secretary’s statement on Health Care Assistant Day
Oct 19, 2021 Roll up your sleeves, B.C.: Influenza immunization prevents serious illness, deaths
Oct 19, 2021 COVID-19 capacity limits lifting as two-dose vaccine requirements begin
Oct 21, 2021 B.C. launches first accredited PPE testing lab in Western Canada
Oct 26, 2021 Provincewide booster dose is next step in COVID-19 immunization plan

National News

Statements from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

The Chief Public Health Officer of Canada releases regular statements that can be accessed on the Government of Canada News website.

New Minister of Seniors Announced

On Tuesday, October 26, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the members of Cabinet following the fall election. Kamal Khera, the Member of Parliament for Brampton West, becomes Minister of Seniors.

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Recent Announcements from the Federal Government Impacting Seniors

Oct 1, 2021 Statement by the Prime Minister on National Seniors Day
Oct 7, 2021 Beware of scams using false CBSA credentials
Oct 14, 2021 Travel Advisory: REMINDER – Border measures remain in place for travellers entering or returning to Canada
Oct 15, 2021 Statement from the Chief Public Health Officer of Canada
Oct 20, 2021 Affordable high-speed Internet for low-income seniors and families

Seeking Your Opinion

Help shape B.C.’s anti-racism data legislation

B.C. is drafting anti-racism data legislation, so that the government can better identify existing gaps and create a more equitable province. The public consultation will help inform government about how to collect data in a way that is reflective of the needs and experiences of Indigenous, Black and people of colour (IBPOC) communities. The public engagement will run until November 30 and will be available in multiple languages.

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Patient Voice for osteoporosis therapies

The Government of B.C. is working with Osteoporosis Canada, the BC Coalition of Osteoporosis Physicians, and Medicines Access Coalition – BC (MedAccessBC) to consult osteoporosis patients. The Patient Voice Survey provides patients, caregivers and advocacy groups to voice their concerns regarding osteoporosis therapies in BC and BC PharmaCare coverage. The Survey in is open until November 17, 2021.

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Recent Research

Optimizing care for critically ill older adults

(Canadian Medical Association Journal)

Older adults account for more than 50% of patients in ICUs in Canada. This article reviews best care practices for older adults in the ICU, with special consideration for multi-morbidity, frailty, and delirium.

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Routinely asking patients about income in primary care: a mixed-method study

(BJGP Open)

This case study looked at all adults admitted to Jewish General Hospital in Montreal with diagnosed COVID-19 from March to August 2020. The mortality rate was higher among patients living in residential care facilities and risk of death increased with age, being male, and presence of four or more simultaneous medical conditions.

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The Case of a Zoom and WhatsApp Mental Health Intervention for Seniors during the COVID-19 Pandemic

(Health Communication)

This paper discusses Zoom and WhatsApp digital group interventions conducted during the first wave of the pandemic to promote community-dwelling seniors mental health. The authors discuss both the technology and intervention goals.

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Under Reporting of Abuse of Older Adults in the Canadian Prairie Province


This paper discusses qualitative findings across three Prairie provinces in Canada. Interview data was collected older adults’ histories of abuse. Findings are reported on recognizing abuse, barriers to disclosure and facilitators of reporting.

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The COVID-19 pandemic as experienced by the spouses of home-dwelling people with dementia – a qualitative study

(BMC Geriatrics)

This paper presents telephone interviews from 17 spouses of people with dementia, reporting on their experiences during the pandemic in Norway. The constant changes in daily life and uncertainty had impacts on health and well-being. However, there was also discussion of positive activities and accessible services.

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Involvement, worries and loneliness of family caregivers of people with dementia during the COVID-19 visitor ban in long-term care facilities

(Geriatric Nursing)

This article presents data from 958 family caregivers of people with dementia living in long-term care facilities. The caregiver who visited more frequently reported more worry and loneliness that the caregivers who visited less frequently.

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Older Adults in an LGBT Residential Community: Impact of a Safe Space on Occupation and Well-Being

(The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy)

This paper presents a case study of the first low-income housing complex for LGBTQIA+ older adults in the USA. Affordability, safety and community social acceptance were most important for the LGBTQIA+ older adults, followed by personal expression, creativity and community spaces.

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Requirements for Successful Dialogue with Dementia Patients in a Nursing Home

(Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems)

This article presents the effectiveness of dialogue between a mobile socially assistive robot and 15 residents in a long-term care facility. The findings are discussed within the context of improved quality of life for residents.

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Outreach by the OSA

The Seniors Advocate continues to meet with seniors across the province by attending events and delivering presentations virtually. If you would like to invite the Seniors Advocate to present at your event, please contact our office at .