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Message from the Minister

June 30, 2022


I am working hard to ensure that older Canadians continue to see improvements in their quality of life, and I’m dedicated to identifying ways that the Government of Canada can better provide seniors with supports that will have the most positive impact on their lives, at the time they need them the most.

That is why the Government of Canada will be increasing the Old Age Security pension by 10% for individuals aged 75 and over, starting in July of this year—because we know that older seniors have different needs and face increased financial pressures. This boost to the Old Age Security pension will help them enjoy more financial security as they age.

In June, we celebrate Canada’s diversity and recognize the importance of Indigenous heritage. During National Indigenous History Month, I want to recognize the rich history, heritage, resilience and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people across Canada. I encourage you to learn the history, languages, cultures and experiences of Indigenous people in Canada.

I would also like to commemorate the launch of Pride season, Italian Heritage month, Filipino Heritage month and Portuguese Heritage month, which are all celebrated in the month of June.

June is Seniors Month in Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut. This month, and all year round, we recognize seniors and their countless contributions to their communities.

In this edition of my newsletter, you’ll find information about the launch of Age Well at Home, an initiative I’m very excited about. I encourage all eligible organizations to apply for funding to help ensure that more seniors can stay in their homes longer. I also highlight World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Canada Pension Plan enhancement and more.

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Thanks for reading and sharing.

Kamal Khera
Minister of Seniors

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